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Funny and punny comics. Drawing dad jokes I enjoy myself.

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Providing educational and entertaining GeoGuessr and geography videos. The best source for GeoGuessr tips!

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Sneaky Sloth Studios

Located in Riga, Latvia, we are a new and independent entertainment company, focused on mobile game development and community building. We focus on interaction with our players and highly value their feedback.


We seek to build a large and supportive community and bring people together by making content they enjoy.

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Mobile Games

We strive to make the best games we can to, so our players can enjoy them. Our games will always be free of charge supported by ads.

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Community Feedback

We listen closely to our community. Only by listening to their feedback, we can improve ourselves and guarantee our lasting success.

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Company Culture

We are building a unique and supportive company culture, where employees value collaboration, growth and mutual respect.

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We are actively focusing on building a great community of like-minded people. If you would like to join us and follow our game and comic development process, join our Discord server!

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Could a country change its driving side?

New Articles – Longest Road and Driving Sides

After a long break, I am back and have published two new videos (and articles! If you’d like to find out what the longest road in the world is and[…]

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21st September 2022 0
11 GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

11 More GeoGuessr Tips – GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

Did you enjoy the 10 GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners? In this video/article, I share 11 more GeoGuessr tips that can help you out in country streaks or Battle Royale! As[…]

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18th March 2021 0
10 GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

10 GeoGuessr Tips – GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

Do you want to become better at GeoGuessr? In this video/article, I share 10 tips that can help you improve your GeoGuessr skills and get those Battle Royale victories! I[…]

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17th March 2021 0