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Peter’s Comics

Funny and punny comics. A new comic is published every week.

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Police Swipe

A game where you lead the police force and make important decisions that will shape the future of police! Currently in Open Beta!

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Doughnut Merger

A merging/idler game where you need to discover new doughnuts and progress as far as possible.
Open Beta coming to Android soon!

About Us

Sneaky Sloth Studios

Located in Riga, Latvia, we are a new and independent entertainment company, focused on mobile game development and community building. We focus on interaction with our players and highly value their feedback.


We seek to build a large and supportive community and bring people together by making content they enjoy.

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Mobile Games

We strive to make the best games we can to, so our players can enjoy them. Our games will always be free of charge supported by ads.

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Community Feedback

We listen closely to our customers. Only by listening to their feedback, we can improve ourselves and guarantee our lasting success.

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Company Culture

We are building a unique and supportive company culture, where employees value collaboration, growth and mutual respect.

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We are actively focusing on building a great community of like-minded people. If you would like to join us and follow our game and comic development process, join our Discord server!

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Latest News

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Target Audience – #30daydev Day 21

Hey!As I mentioned yesterday already, today I didn’t have too much time to work on any projects, so I did some thinking and filled up a Google questionnaire for Color[…]

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21st August 2019 0

Upgrades and Animations -#30daydev Day 20

Heyy!As the title already says, today I worked on adding new upgrades and animations to Doughnut Merger. I’m pretty happy how things are moving along. Police Swipe could be doing[…]

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20th August 2019 0

Short Update – #30daydev Day 19

Hey, guys!A shirt update today. For Police Swipe we wrote some additional content and did a few bug fixes. For the Doughnut Merger, I did some brainstorming regarding the upgrade[…]

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19th August 2019 0