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Another New Character – #30daydev Day 5

Hey, hey!While I’m still having inspiration for drawing new characters, I’ll keep doing it! 😀 Today I drew a spy for Police Swipe, which you can see below. I also did some SEO and analytics stuff for the website. In the upcoming days, I’ll probably draw some UI stuff. I’ll keep you informed. 😉

5th August 2019 0

A New Character – #30daydev Day 4

Hey, guys!Today was also a nice and productive day regarding Sneaky Sloth Studios. We came up with new name ideas for grandma I drew yesterday, and we’ll be running a new poll for you to choose the name in the upcoming days. Join our Discord to keep in touch! I also drew a new character…
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4th August 2019 0

Improved Experience – #30daydev Day 3

Hey, hey, hey!This was a nice and productive day! The two major things my friend and I did were adding animations to the resources and drawing the grandma character. And here is a gif with the animated resources. We’ll probably release a new open beta version in the upcoming days, where you will be able…
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3rd August 2019 1

A Quick Update – #30daydev Day 2

Hey, guys! This is just a quick update about the progress of Police Swipe. Today I mostly worked on social media and improved the website a bit. Also had a discussion with the team regarding the stories in the game, so they move forward. This is a Friday, so I’m taking a small break to…
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2nd August 2019 0

Police Swipe – #30daydev Day 1

Hey, everybody!Nice to see you here! In this update, I’ll be introducing you to our current project Police Swipe and let you know about our future plans regarding the game and studio itself. Police Swipe is a role-playing game where you play as a police chief and make decisions that affect 6 different resources –…
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1st August 2019 0