New Horizons – #30daydev Day 13

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New Horizons – #30daydev Day 13

13th August 2019 30daydev 0

Again, no YouTube video as of yet. 😀

Regarding Police Swipe, today we added a new card type – if you choose to sacrifice some resource right now, this resource will be maxed out after a while (if you survive that long). The mechanics seem to work great, we just need to add texts and come up with a character that will offer this option

Another thing I worked on again today was the rebalancing of the cards. I think it should be fine for now. Once we launch a new version with these changes, I’ll be able to see better, how well they work in real-life scenarios.

And the big new announcement is that Sneaky Sloth Studios will start work on another game! Since I have quite a lot of “downtime” while my friends/colleagues are programming and writing content for Police Swipe, I’ll be starting the development of another game. Of course, Police Swipe will still be our priority for now.

I’ll keep more details about the new game secret for now, but once there is some cool artwork to show or other updates, I’ll certainly post them here. 😉


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