10 GeoGuessr Tips – GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

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10 GeoGuessr Tips – GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

17th March 2021 GeoGuessr Tips 0
10 GeoGuessr Tips for Beginners

Do you want to become better at GeoGuessr? In this video/article, I share 10 tips that can help you improve your GeoGuessr skills and get those Battle Royale victories!

I also share the transcript of the video in case you prefer reading it (there might be some paragraphs that don’t make sense without the video though). I hope you find these GeoGuessr tips useful!

Welcome back to another GeoGuessr video! In this one, I will tell you 10 tips that I personally use when playing GeoGuessr that I think you will find very useful as well! Let’s go!

Sun Direction

The first tip is quite basic but still very useful. It is – take a look at which direction is the sun. To do that you set the compass needle horizontally right here on the left side and have a look in the sky where is the sun. White means that it is to our south, red means that it is to our north. If the sun is to the south it means that we are in the northern hemisphere, above the equatorial line. If the sun is to our north it means that we are in the southern hemisphere. Keep in mind that this method is not 100% correct. It depends on various factors like the season, the time of the day. But I would say like 90% of the time you can use this method to determine whether you are in the northern or in the southern hemisphere.

Colombian License Plates

Tip number two is about Colombian license plates. If you see yellow license plates in South America it means that you are in Colombia. Most cars will have yellow plates. Some cars like trucks will have white plates though so keep that in mind. Most plates will be yellow so that’s a good indication to tell the south American countries apart.

Colombian license plates in GeoGuessr
Yellow Colombian license plates

Colombian Cross

The third tip is also about Colombia and it is what we call the Colombian cross. Columbian signs have this white cross on their back. As you can see all of these signs have a white cross and it is a good indication that you are in Colombia. It is useful in rural locations where there are no cars around and you can’t use the license plates to tell Colombia apart.

Colombian cross in GeoGuessr
Colombian cross

Brazilian Signs

Tip number four is also about signs. This time we are talking about Brazilian signs. As you can see the Brazilian sign backs are black and they also can have a white cross but it looks different than the Colombian cross and you shouldn’t usually mistake them. Especially with the black back of the sign.

Brazilian sign in GeoGuessr
Brazilian sign

Chilean Road Lines

Tip number five is about Chilean road lines. In Chile the road lines as you can see they all are white. However, in other countries South American countries that are you mostly will have the middle line yellow, so that’s another good indication. Keep in mind though that sometimes Argentina can have all-white lines as well. But Argentina can usually be told apart by the black car.

Chilean road lines in GeoGuessr
Chilean road lines

The Black Car

Speaking about the black Argentinian car, that’s tip number six. In South America, you will see black car mostly for Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru. Those are the three countries that mostly have black cars with some exceptions of course. If you see a kind of European-looking landscape with a black car, it’s basically either Argentina or Uruguay.

Black Google car in GeoGuessr
Black Google car

Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos

Thailand is the only of these three countries that drive on the left side so if you see a right-hand drive it is Thailand. In Cambodia we are driving on the right side, however, the license plates are white on the cars. So it is Cambodia. And in Laos also driving on the right side however most of the license plates will be yellow. So you can use these tips to distinguish between these three countries.

Cambodian road in GeoGuessr
Cambodian road

Indonesian and Malaysian License Plates

To tell Malaysia and Indonesia apart we can look at the license plates. Both of these countries have black license plates with white letters, however, in Malaysia, most of the license plates have two sections – one and two. Some have three but most of the most licensed plate examples have two sections. Which you can see right here – one and two. Even though the plates are blurred out you can still see that these plates are Malaysian. In Indonesia, they have three white sections as you can see on these cars. And in these examples also as you can see – one, two and three. So even though the plates are blurred out you can still mostly see how many white sections there are therefore determine which country that is.

Indonesian license plate in GeoGuessr
Indonesian license plate
Malaysian license plate in GeoGuessr
Malaysian license plate

Black Malaysian Signs

Another way to tell Malaysia and Indonesia apart is that in mainland Malaysia they have these black signs on their poles. They can sometimes be red as well, I think. Mostly black though. And as you can see on this pole they also have it. If you see those signs on the poll it means that you are most likely in mainland Malaysia.

Black Malaysian signs in GeoGuessr
Black Malaysian signs

South Africa and Australia

And for the final tip, I’ll tell you how to tell south Africa and Australia apart using their road lines. In South Africa, they have the sidelines yellow. However, in Australia, all of the lines are white with some very rare exceptions. So if you see all of the lines white then it is Australia. Also in Australia, you will mostly see some bollards here and there next to the road. In South Africa, there will be no bollards.

South African road in GeoGuessr
South African road

I hope you found these GeoGuessr tips useful! If you did then you might be interested in some of my other videos talking about other GeoGuessr aspects and useful tips!

Thanks for watching or reading this article about GeoGuessr tips! To find out more GeoGuessr tips to become better at Battle Royale, read 11 More GeoGuessr Tips.

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