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Color Picker Game Released

Hey, guys! It’s been a while since our latest update, and it’s because we have been busy with the game development! 🙂 The development of Doughnut Merger is doing nicely but this update is about our latest game – Color Picker Game which has been just released on the Google Play Store. Color Picker Game…
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17th December 2019 0

Doughnut Merger Update – December 6th, 2019

I haven’t posted an update for a while, so I just wanted to let you know about the progress. Things are moving along nicely and this is how the Doughnut Merger looks at the moment. Hoping to release a beta until the end of the year. I promise to update you more often in the…
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6th December 2019 0

A Small Break – #30daydev

Hey!Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a small break for a couple of days and that I’ll be finishing the #30daydev challenge in September. The next few days will be very busy for me because of various celebrations, preparation for studies, work, and other stuff, so there won’t be much time…
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25th August 2019 0

Testing and Sneak Peek – #30daydev Day 24

Heyy!Today I did dome balancing testing for Doughnut Merger to see if the progress should be faster/slower and if the upgrade prices are ok. Also, the designer sent me some doughnut examples to show, how doughnuts will look like. They are amazing! 🙂 Regarding Police Swipe, Miks has been struggling with the animations (this is…
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24th August 2019 0

Good Progress – #30daydev Day 23

Heyy!Today I managed to do quite a lot with Doughnut Merger – added some animations, added number formatting for large numbers, added new upgrades, and did some bug fixes. 🙂 Not sure how the development of Police Swipe is going at this point. Haven’t talked to my friends about this. I’ll be able to tell…
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23rd August 2019 0

An Unproductive Day – #30daydev Day 22

As the title says, this hasn’t been quite a productive day regarding the development of our games. There were other things that required my attention that were not game development related. As far as I know, my colleagues also didn’t do much today. Developing Police Swipe and Doughnut Merger is a hobby of ours, and…
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22nd August 2019 0

Target Audience – #30daydev Day 21

Hey!As I mentioned yesterday already, today I didn’t have too much time to work on any projects, so I did some thinking and filled up a Google questionnaire for Color Picker and Police Swipe that basically stated that our games are not targeted to players younger than 13. 🙂 Miks is currently working on some…
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21st August 2019 0

Upgrades and Animations -#30daydev Day 20

Heyy!As the title already says, today I worked on adding new upgrades and animations to Doughnut Merger. I’m pretty happy how things are moving along. Police Swipe could be doing better in terms of the speed of development, however, the most important thing is that things are consistently moving forward. A short notice – tomorrow…
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20th August 2019 0

Short Update – #30daydev Day 19

Hey, guys!A shirt update today. For Police Swipe we wrote some additional content and did a few bug fixes. For the Doughnut Merger, I did some brainstorming regarding the upgrade options and started implementing some of them.

19th August 2019 0

Minor Improvements – #30daydev Day 18

Heyy!Nothing too exciting to report today. I did some minor UI improvements for Doughnut Merger. For Police Swipe, my colleagues did some important bug fixes and some content writing. Hopefully, I’ll have some doughnuts to show you tomorrow! It depends on our designer. 🙂

18th August 2019 0