Police Swipe

Make decisions to shape the future of your police force!

Lead the police force!

Police Swipe is a role-playing game available on Andoid devices.
In this game, with a simple swipe of your finger, you’ll be able to decide what path you want to take. Some of the missions won’t be easy to solve, and you will need to take them on with multiple police chiefs. Every swipe matters, so think wisely to survive as long as possible!

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How To Play

* Drag the decision card in the middle of your screen left and right to see the available responses to the event.
* Decide what choice you want to make, keeping in mind all of your resources – public opinion, money, staff, public safety, mafia, and politics.
* If any of the resources run out, you will lose the game, and it will start over with different police chief! Make the decisions wisely!

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What Our Players Say

Police Swipe is in an early development, however, we have already received some feedback from our players! If you would like to leave some feedback too, send us a message to contact [at] sneakyslothstudios.com!

“Nice take of this awesome concept. It works really well!”

Leo S.

“I had fun with Police Swipe, and I think it’s going in the right direction.”

Kyle M.

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